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Create Your Research offers multiple services and products for scientific researchers and PhD candidates. Customised services are off course possible, contact us to discuss the options and pricing.

Our terms and conditions apply to all products and services provided by Create Your Research. You can find our terms and conditions in English and in Dutch here.

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As inspiration, you can download our free e-book ’10 steps to re-gain control over your research’. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter, and get acces to the English version, or the Dutch version.

Online Masterclass – Stress Management for PhD candidates

Create Your Research has designed a unique online Masterclass: Stress Management for PhD candidates. Now temporary available at the discount introduction price!

Do you feel overwhelmed by stress often? Do you feel like you are lived by your research? If you want to re-gain control over your PhD research and your life, this Masterclass packed with essential insights and practical excercises is exactly what you need. Take matters into your own hands and get started today! 

If you are a senior research / group leader, and you are interested in access for more than one of your PhD candidates, contact us so we can make you a personalised discount offer.


Coaching is offered in packages of 3 or 6 sessions of ±1.5 hours each. In general, coaching sessions take place via an online platform such as Zoom. In case you reside in the Netherlands, coaching on location is of course possible.


Create Your Research can provide training on multiple topics for scientists and Phd candidates, related to research performance, pursuing and achieving goals, and re-gaining control over your research and your life. The Masterclass on stress management can also be provided as live on-site (or online) training. Contact us for the possibilities and pricing.

Custom programmes

Of course custom coaching and/or training is possible upon request, for example for research group leaders. For example, we can provide coaching to several members of your research group, or we can design a customised programme of coaching and training for your research group based on your preferences and requests. Contact us to discuss the options.